Big fat dink is like a present for charming doll Rissa Maxxx

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Description: There’s this extra small hottie who’s always skating around in our neighborhood. She’s always wearing some really slutty shorts and shit so I know she has to be down to fuck. Me and Mirko were hanging out trying to figure out our next fuck and then we had a brilliant idea! Just go up to this fine young lady and offer her some water. Lucky for us, she was really thirsty for the cock and showed us her hot little petite body. Check out the hot ass tats on Rissa’s body, the true mark of the bad bitch! She asked Mirko if she could suck his dick and Mirko would be a fucking idiot to refuse! After getting his Skate tool sharpened for a bit, Mirko blew a huge load all over Rissa’s face. Enjoy!