Fresh Kate sucks and fucks a long hard meat rocket

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Description: This week reminded me of that TV show, Stars in Your Eyes, where some nobody announces to a captivated audience that he wants to be transformed into Elvis or Adolf Hitler & deliver a Nuremberg speech or whatever. In this case Kate went into the "room of shame" as a fragrant MILF and then triumphantly re-emerged as a "Whore queen". My eyes nearly popped out onto the floor! Also her attitude had completely changed into the role she was playing. Now she was overflowing with sexual abandonment. She had on the standard hooker outfit with ripped turquoise tights and thigh boots. Red lipstick plastered over her pouting lips and an arse to die for! Naturally I put her over my knee and gave her bottom a good spank which drove her crazy and from this time onwards there was no stopping her. I was simply pummelled once again into the poor, battered IKEA sofa and even as I write this text, my whole body feels like it's been run over by a steam roller. Take heed my brethren, look at your wives in a new light, because underneath that mumsy exterior lies a volcano of filth and depravity, ready to explode and all you need to do is light the fuse! For starters hide all her dungarees!