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Description: Ria Sun was awakened by her boyfriend and his dad - she had a birthday and they made a surprise for her - her boyfriend brought her flowers and amazing necklace and ring. She was so happy about that. Suddenly the doorbell rang and she ended up alone with her boyfriend's dad. And since they stayed alone, father, her boyfriend's father, started to touch her, gently, but persistently. Ria tried to stop him, but it was useless - and she finally gave up. Like under hypnosis she opened her mouth and let daddy's dick come inside. Slowly she started to suck it. And she found out that her body really likes it, as she felt her juices between her legs. Her nipples were hard and she couldn't wait for her boyfriend's father to come in her with his hard dick. She almost passed out when he got her from behind - she was in heaven... But when her boyfriend returned back and saw his father and his girlfriend naked and sweaty - Ria fell down from clouds right to hell...