Fascinating Anna Rose is about to have casual sex with dude who gave her money

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Description: Whatever Anna Rose wants, Anna Rose gets. That's one of the benefits of being the only daughter of a wealthy business owner. Anna didn't ask for a management position in one of her dad's offices because she wanted to work. She asked for the job because all she thinks about all day and night is cock. And her daddy's office is full of them. Beautiful and charming (when she wants to be), Anna has her pick of men. But today she has her eye on the handsome man who has occupied her fantasies for the past few weeks. It's time to make her move. When he offers to fill her coffee mug, Anna takes this opportunity to fill the mug herself... with the unsuspecting man's piss. Much to his surprise, Anna pours the entire cupful of hot urine onto her tongue, letting it run out of her mouth and down the front of her dress. Completely soaked in pee, Anna's dress becomes somewhat see-through, clinging to her small perky tits and showing off every detail. As Anna pushes the man to his knees and begins to rub her pee-soaked panties on his bald head, all the man can think is that he needs to be inside her. It's not long before the playful piss-fest turns into a heated fuck session, with the spoiled teen getting her share of cum and piss. If only Daddy knew what goes on in his office when he's away on business...