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Description: This week Gustav has excelled himself. As you can see I tracked him down with my secret camera in one of the most dangerous places in Budapest. A place peopled by murderous, cheating, swindling scum and they're the local police! Anyway, Gustav introduced me to the sensational Zafira May. Once dressed up as a trashy, teen prostitute she has to take the crown for looking like the most gorgeous hooker ever to grace the pages of jimslip.com. If the Pope himself saw her walking the streets of King's Cross touting for work, he'd be desperately counting the money in his wallet. Mind you don't start me on priests and popes! Anyway, I dressed her in furry coat, ripped, red fishnet tights and topped off with thigh length PVC boots. When Zafira made her entrance, Lara nearly choked on her pork pie and Cecil masterbated all over his crisps!